Number of children catered for:

Our entire facility will create a learning environment
for no more than 58 children.

The age groups are divided as follows:

Twinkle Toes Nursery: 13 babies / cots
Pitter Patter Classroom: 15 toddlers aged between 3 to 4 years old
Busy Boots Classroom:15 children aged between 20 months to 2 years old
Running Rovers Classroom:  15 toddlers aged 4 – 5


Our Mission - Your choice:

To influence the lives of our babies and toddlers in a
profound and positive way, enabling them to journey into
their future with self-confidence and a sense of self-worth.

If your choice for your child is to be nurtured in an environment
that inspires your child to get to know themselves and to have a
greater understanding of the world around them, Footprints Pre-School
should be their home from home.

Our values and beliefs:

We are a Christian based Pre-School and our
children are taught accordingly.

We are passionate about providing our children with a
solid foundation from which they can embark on an enjoyable
learning journey.

We aim to provide a structured and stimulating environment
in which our children can feel safe and secure. 

We create a home from home atmosphere in which
learning can take place.

We encourage our children to reach new levels of personal
development by cultivating a desire to learn;

We assist your child in realizing their full potential.

Our qualified and experienced staff are committed and
motivated to nurture our children in all areas of child development –
emotionally, socially, intellectually, physically and spiritually.


General Information:

Department of Health and Welfare:

We are registered with the Department of Health
and Welfare and welcome their regular visitations.



As the security of your child is vitally important to
us we have installed CCTV Cameras.

The perimeter of the premises is also secured with
electric fencing and we are linked to an Armed Response
Unit. This unit will also provide us with any emergency
medical assistance and transportation if necessary.

Provision of personal details and/or special requirements:

It is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to always
ensure that Footprints is provided with up to date,
correct personal and contact details.  In the case of an
emergency, we will, at our discretion, make decisions
for the wellbeing and safety of your child should we
not have been able to contact you at any of the contact
numbers provided by you. 


Progress reports - 2-5 year olds:

Evaluations are done in June and November ensuring
that parents are kept informed with the progress of their
child’s developmental milestones.


Sick Children:

As our staff will make every effort to ensure the
overall wellbeing of your children, we ask all parents to
assist us in preventing cross contamination/infection
of the children.

Unfortunately we are not equipped to take care of sick
children as the general wellbeing of all our children
will always be taken into account.  Should your child
take ill during the course of the day whilst your child is
in our care, we will ensure that he/she is made as
comfortable as possible up and until the time they
are collected. 

The requests listed below are within the prescribed
guidelines set out by the Department of Health and
Welfare and are aimed at preventing the cross infection
of illness in children and not as an inconvenience for parents.
It is for this very reason that we appeal to all parents
to take note of the following guidelines:

Children who are on a course of prescribed antibiotics
are not allowed to attend Footprints for the first 48 hours.

Children who are suffering from any contagious illness
are not allowed to attend Footprints.

A doctor’s and/or pharmacists clearance certificate is required
for head lice and ringworm.


School holidays and Closing dates:

We close for one week in June/July depending on
Government School holidays and three weeks in December.  
If a public holiday falls on a Tuesday, we close on the Monday.  
If a public holiday falls on a Thursday, we close on the Friday.  
This normally happens twice a year. We close on all public holidays.

Closing dates:

We close at 12h30 on Thursday 1 April 2021 before the Easter Weekend

Monday 26 April as Tuesday 27 April is a Public Holiday

Monday 5 July to Friday 9 July 2021 – (July 5 day break)

The year ends on Wednesday 15 December 2021 which will be the final school day

We re-open on Tuesday 11 January 2022



We believe:

In respecting and loving each child individually whilst
encouraging positive behavior;

That each child is unique and has his/her own needs;

That rewarding positive behavior is far more effective than
punishing negative behavior;

In positive discipline where the self-esteem of the child
is built up;

That a team approach is the best way forward;

In communicating on a regular basis with you, the parent.


Our Staff:

Our teachers and/or caretakers are committed to
loving and assisting your child so that he/she
reaches his/her full potential.

Our teachers and/or caretakers are qualified and have
the necessary experience and training in order to
take care of your child.

Our teachers and/or caretakers are trained in First-Aid.

Our teachers are always available to discuss your child
and his/her needs.  We encourage an open and honest
relationship between parents and with the principal
and/or teacher and we are always prepared to discuss
your child with you. 



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